How to restart a locked-up Print Spooler in Windows

Home/Premium Editions of Windows:

Option 1 – Attempt to save the  documents in the query

Open Elevated Command Prompt:

net stop spooler

net start spooler


Option 2 – Delete the spooled documents

net stop spooler
del /q c:\windows\system32\spool\PRINTERS\*
net start spooler

Option 3 –

Look for spoolsv Windows Error Reports located in:


There is a text based “report.wer” file that you can open in Notepad.  There is normally a Faulting Module listed (normally an outdated driver).



Utilitize the Printer Management (%systemroot%\system32\printmanagement.msc) utility to narrow down the issue further.

View Message Headers in Office 2010 Ribbon

Outlook 2010 - Custom Ribbon1 – Select: File > Options

2 – Select: “Customize Ribbon” in left navigation

3 – Select “Main Tabs” section (or make a new tab)

4 – Add a new Group. Rename the group to your liking (“Message Headers”, perhaps?)

5 – From the “Choose commands from:” menu on the left, select “All commands”.

6 – Scroll down to locate “Message Options” and add that to your new Group.

7 – OK the changes, and exit.

The long way to get to the same area in 2010 is to:

1 – Double click to open the message you want to see headers for.

2 – Select: File  > Info >Properties