PowerShell – Writing Your Own Scripts

Time to start learning PowerShell. By default, PowerShell disables running scripts. You will need to change the execution policy to run your own scripts in your test environment.

1 – Open PowerShell

2 – You can check the Policy currently applied with the following command:


By Default, it should return: Restricted

Other Types that could be set are: AllSigned, RemoteSigned, Unrestricted, Bypass

3 – To update the Policy to run anything from anywhere, run the following from an Elevated Command Prompt:

Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

4 – Acknowledge the security change with “Y”


Copy Information To The Clipboard:

Run a command with “| clip” appended on the end.
Example: Get-Help Get-Help | clip


View Help Documentation Online:

Run the Command with “-online” appended on the end.
Examples: Get-Help Get-Help -Online
Get-Help Set-ExecutionPolicy -Online